Travel directions: Hawaii An amazing journey through 4 islands from north to south


We chose to visit 4 islands, the northern, wonderful  Kauai

Oahu where Honolulu and Pearl Harbor are located.

Maui with the beautiful "road to Hana"  with over 1000 hard-tail swing and narrow bridges.

and at last

Big Island with active volcanoes, and Kona coffee

The numbers 1-5 indicates where we were staying on Airbnb



Hawaii is an archipelago of 6 main islands, located in the middle of the Pacific, and one should consider each and every island as unique. Each island is very different from the neighboring island, so when you want to visit Hawaii, you have to decide want to see, it's active volcanoes, is it the lush rainforest, or is it surfing like, you can not get it all on one island. It requires a brief explanation:

Gå til den danske side

The Hawaiian archipelago has grown up from a hot spot, an active volcano. The Earth's crust moves very slowly, towards the northwest, so, the southernmost island of Big Island, is the newest and the northernmost island is the earliest of the islands. Big Island came out of the ocean about 400,000 years ago, and is still under development because the volcano is still active. One of the northern islands of Kauai was formed just over 5 million years ago.

Wind and weather therefore have for 5 million. Years worn the surface of the northern islands, which is therefore significantly lower than the newer islands to the south. The northern islands therefore have lots of black (volcanic sand) beaches that continue far from the coast, and creating idle conditions for surfers. On the southern islands the rocks are still young and sharp and the coasts are therefore not suitable for forming large waves for surfing.

Rain: As a rule, the wind blows from the northeast, and therefore it also rains mostly on the northeast side of all mountains, up to 10 meters (30 feet)  of water per year. The islands are extremely fertile, and if you like good weather/ sunshine, you only need to drive a few km, to the west.

Kauai The northern island is covered in tropical rainforest, and is simply a must see if you are into nature experiences. Kauai is 5 million. year old and the highest point is therefore only 1500 meters. (4500 feet)

On the northwestern side of the island lies "Na Pali Coast" which is a large area without roads, so you can only enter the area on foot or by boat. The picture to the left shows the view from the start of the trip. If you want to stay in the area at night, you must reserve a ticket in advance. see link:  On the first mile of the "Na Pali Coast trail" there may be a lot of people, but only after 1 to 2 hours of hiking, there are only a few people left and you have the magnificent nature for yourself.

There are plenty of trails where you can hike for many hours, and experience the island's diversity. You can walk through forests of ginger blossoms with yellow or red ranks, and you can smell them long distances. It is an explosion of different sensory impressions. The first row of pictures is from the different places on the island of Kauai.

.Sunset from our first Airbnb in Kauai

Na Pali Coast is a protected part of the island without cars, but so nice you just want to stop all the time to enjoy the view.

The three pictures to the right are from a hike on the Pu'u O Kila trail. You go through ginger forests and can enjoy the magnificent view of some of the gaps that lead to "Na Pali Coast" - to get up to this area you have to drive a little road for about 30 miles into the island. There are several hiking routes on the way in there. Video fra Pu’u O Kila trail

... Lokal mad og lokal underholdning :)


Oahu with Honolulu and Pearl Harbor. Honolulu is the absolute largest city in Hawaii, and probably the easiest place get to and from by plane. That's why Oahu is used as a location on many movies, not because it's the most magnificent island, but because it's the easiest to get to. Pearl Harbor is very exciting, with the great old warship Missouri, which was used to sign the peace treaty between Japan and the United States in 1945.  - indflyvningen til Honolulu airport (60 sec.) video



Maui (about 1 million years old) The highest mountain is over 3000 meters. / 9000 feet

The island is very divided, the northeastern part is tropical rainforest, and the western part is much more dry. We stayed on the dry side and drove out on day trips to the tropical rainforest.

A must see  on Maui, is the road trip to the small town of Hana, (see pictures on the left) even if the trip is only approx. 30 miles each way, it takes a full day, leave early in the morning. There are over 1000 sharp turns and lots of bridges where only one car can pass at a time. The reward for the trip is a magnificent scenery all the way, with plenty of possibilities for small breaks or hikes to waterfalls and gorges. There are plenty of opportunities to find your own little waterfall and take a dip.


On the way home from Hana, you can enjoy the sunset together with one of the many sea turtles. They crawl up on the beach during the day, to warm in the sun, and to sleep.

If you are having a party, you can go up north to the small town of Lahaina, where food and entertainment for the whole family are often arranged while enjoying the sunset over the sea. Come a couple of hours before the event starts, so can see the big Banyan tree filling a whole park !! A mother tree sends branches / vines to the ground, and then another tree trunk begins to grow, and so it continues indefinitely. ..
Red Hill Haleakala, another full day trip, and after a lot of sharp turns, you come through the cloud cover and up to the top of the dead Haleakala volcano, at a height of 3000 meters. (9000 feet) If you have time and some good footwear, there are some fine hiking routes around the top, remember water and compass if clouds come in.

On a some of pictures you can see Big Island in the background, the air is very clean and the visibility is huge.


Big Island The newest island with an active volcano on the south of the island, the picture to the right is from August 2017- if you have the opportunity and dare, go out and watch a volcano. We went on a guided tour out to the active area and I stayed there at night. It was something that was the most fascinating I've experienced. to sit all alone and see the Milky Way appear while being able to feel and see the floating lava - it's wild. The pictures are from this trip. Of course it's not something you just do, you need the right gear, footwear and clothing, a good light bulb, a spare lamp, water, GPS, compass, etc., etc.  

After a few miles. hiking through a lunar landscape of solidified lava from the last 10 years of eruption, we reached the active area. Eventually we went to lava that was formed within the last days and weeks. As the night fell on, the team went back and it became quite quiet, except from the lava that creaks when it breaks through here and here. ...


Big Island is much more than volcanoes. The picture is from a small local beach called "Kehena Black Sand Beach." A second after this picture, Luna is thrown around when the big and massive wave hits her.

..  Kehena Black Sand Beach is close to the active volcano and is definitely worth a visit. The beach is used extensively to the locals, with and without clothes, but everyone is of course welcome. The waves on the Big Island suddenly grow up and become sharp and high just before they reach land because the island is still so new, so the beaches on the Big Island are not suitable for surfing.
The last days on Big Island can be used to drink local Cona coffee at an Airbnb coffee plantation and enjoy the sunset from the pool.

The last picture is taken on the last night just before we drove to the airport. One last goodbye to Hawaii for this time :)